Outdoor Environment

Individualised learning for your child in Lake Cathie

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Learning in the outdoor environment

At Cowarra Park Preschool, we value the importance of the outdoor environment and its role in your child's development. Providing a large space on a spectacular one-acre piece of land, a variety of natural playscapes and open-ended natural materials, our outdoor environment encourages exploration, curiosity and engagement. 
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Children are provided with the opportunity to engage with the natural environment and are encouraged to develop appreciation and respect for nature. We invite the children at our preschool to play an active role in a number of outdoor activities including recycling and composting and water conservation. We also have a vegetable garden where the children regularly enjoy planting, maintaining and harvesting a variety of vegetables. 

If you would like to visit our centre and see the outdoor environment in which your child will learn and grow, then please contact us to arrange an appointment.  

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Respecting and Appreciating

A culture of respect and appreciation of the natural environment is encouraged at Cowarra Park Preschool, through children playing an active role in:

  • Planting, maintaining and harvesting from our vegetable garden
  • recyling and composting
  • water conservation
  • interactions with the natural environment

    For individualised learning for your child in an outdoor environment, call us on  02 6584 8044!

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